Closing Date for International Media: Friday 27th January, 2023

Media Guidelines – The Saudi Cup

Welcome to the accreditation process for The Saudi Cup 2023. Please read the following guidelines carefully.

Who can apply?

Media credentials are open to working media members only. An application is not a guarantee of receiving an accreditation. Access to the parade ring and racing surface is strictly controlled. Please assume you do not have access and plan coverage accordingly.

All media will be expected to supply proof of relevant, published work in a recognised media outlet to be considered for The Saudi Cup Media Credentials.

Eligibility for Media Accreditation

The Saudi Cup media package is designed to facilitate working members of the media in covering the event. To avoid disappointment please do not apply if your role falls under any of the following: marketing, public relations, advertising, bloodstock agent, hobbyist photographer/videographer.


  • Media numbers at The Saudi Cup 2023 will be limited.

  • Each application will be judged on merit and media members may be asked to provide examples of previous, relevant work.

  • Access to the parade ring and racing surface is strictly controlled. Please assume you do not have access to this area and plan your coverage accordingly.

  • Organisations may not shoot live race footage. Those requiring live race feeds should contact The Saudi Cup Media Team.

  • Media are not permitted access to any quarantine or stable area, equine hospital or testing facility.

  • Media should dress in a respectful manner. Please do not wear jeans or trainers on race weekend. If ladies are wearing dresses, please ensure they are full length with high neck and upper arms covered.

  • The Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia will obtain visas where required for credentialed media.

  • The Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia reserves the right to rescind any credential at any time and without explanation.

Please follow the instructions on this form carefully as we can only consider correctly completed forms.

Media Package

Please note that only approved media members will be accepted on the media package, booked onto flights and into our official hotel. Completion of this form is not a guarantee of acceptance on the media package.​

Please note that places on the media package are limited, sadly we will not be able to accommodate all applicants although we will provide a full news service to media who are unable to attend.


Please gather all documentation prior to filling out the application form.

  • Overseas media will require passport scan with at least six months validity from February 20, 2023.

  • All media will require a passport-type headshot taken on a white background.

  • All documentation uploaded to the online form should be in JPEG format and around 1MB in size. We are unable to consider any applications with documentation that is too small or unclear for printing.

Rules for photographers

  • Photographers will be expected to attend a briefing prior to the raceday to understand rules governing remote cameras, shooting at the rail and crossing the track. Failure to attend this briefing could result in the removal of media credentials.

  • Entry into the parade ring is strictly controlled. Only limited numbers of photographers and video crews will gain access so please be prepared for this. Please assume you do not have access and plan your coverage accordingly.

  • Photographers should take care not to obstruct any Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia official cameramen and photographers during the event. Please respect marked positions at presentations/the rail that are designated for sponsors and officials.

  • As a safety precaution, photographers must mark remote cameras clearly with their name, the name of their organisation and a contact number. Any remote that does not have this information will be removed.

  • No remote should be covered in plastic or any other material that could spook a horse during the running of the races. Any remote deemed to be a safety hazard will be removed.

  • Please take care not to block other remotes when setting up.

  • All remotes must be set up two hours before the first race.


All approved media who are shooting video should provide the Saudi Cup Media Team with an overview of their brief and the content required prior to raceweek.
Please contact